Canterbury Pewter was founded in 1989 by Tom Selby. Building on Canterbury Pewter's background, Leif Johnston has taken over the reigns of the company. Leif is looking to continue to serve the traditional client base while expanding the line of historical jewelry. If you have comments or suggestions, please let me know, thanks - Leif.
Email Leif Or Call 877 YPewter...

Let Us
Become an Important Part of Your Team and Ministry.

Here are some of the ways...

  1. For your Parish... for Clergy, Choir, Acolytes, Lay Readers, Award Programs, and for those special gift needs that arise from time to time in everyday Parish life.

  2. For any Book/Gift Shop that you may have, Canterbury Pewter would be pleased to work with the buyers there on a most attractive wholesale arrangement that is at 50% of the suggested retail. We only ask that in all cases... the end user pay the full retail price, even when that user is the church itself.

  3. For any special fund raising event that your Parish may engage in, we will be happy to extend the same attractive wholesale offer... and frequently work with ECW or Youth Groups. Please have them contact us.
  4. And, for any custom or special design work... particularly at the Diocesan level, we will be happy to work with the Bishop and his staff. We have often done this various Diocesan Conferences around the country.

Please let us know how we may serve you; your Parish; or, your Diocese. And, thanks for joining with us in this exciting and most mutual ministry.

Leif Johnston
of Canterbury Pewter