Chi Rho Cross

The Chi Rho Cross
The Cross of Constantine the Great

272-337 AD

Chi Rho Pectoral Chi Rho Family

As the Chi Rho Cross dates back to Constantine and the early days of Christianity, there is surely pause in the art of both the concept and design of the simple cross has rarely been matched through the ages. There is a quiet beauty in such simplicity and yet such power in the two Greek letters.

Since early centuries, Christian symbolism has made use of certain letter symbols... secrecy, frequently, being paramount. Chief among these was Chi Rho... first two letters in Greek for "Christ" (XPIΣTOΣ). Constantine made great use of the Chi Rho on coins and shields and standards of his Roman legions. This was at the time when Christianity became the religion of the State.

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Chi Rho Pectoral (Pewter)

3-1/2" high on 30" matching braided necklace.



Chi Rho Standard (Pewter)

1-1/2" high on 24" matching curb chain necklace.



Chi Rho Miniature (Pewter)

1" high on 18" matching braided necklace.


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