Canterbury Pewter
Christ Rejoicing Worry Stone

Christ Rejoicing

Ideal for purse or pocket... perfect for Palanca! Conceived in 1994, this unique little pendant is offered in the shape of a tear drop... a tear of sorrow... or a tear of joy!

While the thought of Christ laughing seems to raise eyebrows in some circles, all of us can relate to a Christ rejoicing.... some of us can even imagine Christ's outright laughter!

Our tendency to miss the laughter of Christ, and that he expected others to laugh as well, is quite phenomenal. Somehow, a deep and utterly mischanneled piety denies us. We make such serious business of our religion, yet in close scrutiny we can find Christ's use of humor in conflicts, in parables, and in short dialogues.

Perhaps, most of all, we assume that an aura of sadness denies a smatter of banter. We could not be more wrong. For contrasting elements of character, far from being incompatible, are naturally complimentary.

That mirth and compassion are compatible is one of the greatest lessons mankind can learn.

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Bookmark Ecclesiastes(Pewter)

3/4" Diameter with Burgundy Ribbon.



Bookmark Nehemiah(Pewter)

3/4" Diameter with Burgundy Ribbon.



Chain Necklace Ecclesiastes (Pewter)

1/2" high w/ 18" Rope Chain.



Chain Necklace Nehemiah (Pewter)

1/2" high w/ 18" Rope Chain.



Worry Stone Ecclesiastes (Pewter)

Perfect for Palanca. Choice of quote.


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