Jerusalem Cross
"The Crusader's Cross"

The Jerusalem Cross is usually seen with the four small crosses set between the arms of the larger cross. The five crosses symbolize the five wounds of our Lord.

The Jerusalem Cross was first used as a coat of arms for the Latin Kingdom in Jerusalem.  It was worn by Godfrey de Bouillon, first ruler of Jerusalem, after the liberation from the Moslems. During the Crusades, it was also referred to as the "Crusader's Cross". The four small crosses are also symbolic of the four Gospels proclaimed to the four corners of the earth, beginning in Jerusalem, the large cross symbolizes the person of Christ.

The Jerusalem Cross is also the official cross of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Jerusalem Cross or Crusader's Cross

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Jerusalem Cross Standard (Pewter)

Necklace in polished pewter on 24" braided rope neck chain.


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