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Life of Christ Cross

This unique Life of Jesus Christ Cross, in antiqued pewter, is offered in 3 sizes. It was created by Canterbury Pewter for the graduating class of the Virginia Theological Seminary in 2006.

These stunning Life of Christ crosses embody exquisite detail and magnificent presentations of 9 vignettes from the life and ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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Life of Christ Pectoral (Pewter)

3-1/2" high on 30" Matching Braided Rope Neck Chain.



Life of Christ Standard (Pewter)

2-1/2" high on 24" Matching Braided Rope Neck Chain



Life of Christ Miniature (Pewter)

1-1/2" hign on 18" Matching Braided Rope Neck Chain


This paneled Life of Christ cross represents the life and ministry of Christ. In symbol and story, it portrays the message of sacrifice and service. Taken as a whole, this cross represents many of the dynamic moments in Christ's life, ministry and the examples he laid down for our discipleship in following him.

The top panel shows the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. This event marks the beginning of Jesus' ministry and the place he is first called "My beloved Son".

The symbols include the descending dove for the coming of The Holy Spirit and the sheaf of wheat and bunch of grapes for Communion (the Eucharist).

To the left, Christ is ministered to by an angel following the 40 days in the wilderness and the temptations. "Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and ministered to him." Matthew 4:11

To the right is the storm tossed boat portraying Christ stilling the storm on the Sea of Galilee, showing the disciples his power.

The central panel shows the Crucifixion, the sacrifice for us all. Underneath is the Good Shepherd, a description Jesus used to tell his disciples who he is.

The bottom panel shows Jesus feeding the 5000 and symbolizes the Last Supper and his description of himself as the Bread of Life.

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